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calerc commented Nov 23, 2020

The following applies to DDPG and TD3, and possibly other models. The following libraries were installed in a virtual environment:


Episode rewards do not seem to be updated in model.learn() before callback.on_step(). Depending on which callback.locals variable is used, this means that:

  • episode rewards may n
GigiProSerio commented Mar 27, 2021

I'll post it as a question as I am not quite sure that it is a bug. I have been experimenting for a while with the library in a custom environment for a school project and I am really interested in the reproducibility of the result. I have read the disclaimer in the documentation that reads that reproducible results are not guaranteed across multiple platforms or different versions of Pytorch. Ho

mocobeta commented Oct 14, 2018

I have dropped this feature when porting Thinlet UI to JavaFX (later, replaced by Swing.)

Thinlet Lule has "Tools > Export" menu. This wiki describes the feature.

I would like to re-think this feature (but cannot take enough time for this now.)
When (re)implementing this feature, file format selection (e.g. export to xml, json o

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