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kmova commented Apr 6, 2020

Local PV (device) provisioner leaves a stale BDC in the following case:

  • On PVC request, creates a BDC
  • If the system doesn't have a matching BD, then PVC request keeps retrying, and so does the NDM operator that keeps retrying
  • Now if the user deletes the PVC, then Local PV (device) provisioner doesn't get the trigger to process delete, as there was no PVC.

This causes the stale BDC

mall-swarm是一套微服务商城系统,采用了 Spring Cloud Hoxton & Alibaba、Spring Boot 2.3、Oauth2、MyBatis、Docker、Elasticsearch、Kubernetes等核心技术,同时提供了基于Vue的管理后台方便快速搭建系统。mall-swarm在电商业务的基础集成了注册中心、配置中心、监控中心、网关等系统功能。文档齐全,附带全套Spring Cloud教程。

  • Updated Apr 22, 2021
  • Java
educroquet commented Nov 4, 2020

On contexts with many APIs and APIs calling other APIs in chains, having too many spans in the zipkin/jaeger dashboards may lead to a too complex usage of such dashboards and of not necessary big data volumes.

For Tyk's admin team, the steps representing the time spent in each Tyk middleware are much valuable.

But the upstream APIs teams just want to know the global time spent in Tyk interna

daniel-hutao commented Apr 29, 2021

I have been asked several times whether the value filled in requires an http prefix, but it is actually not needed, but this key is a bit confusing. I don’t know if I need an http prefix sometimes when I look at it, so I think it’s clearer to change it to externalElasticsearchUrl to externalElasticsearchHost

/kind feature-request

ressu commented Apr 11, 2021

During the setup process, Cilium addon disables the cni.yaml file for microk8s. This causes cluster join to fail due to CNI autodetection. This code path has plenty of comments about Calico specific operations, so it seems that Cilium needs some work on this front.

Apr 11 14:04:43 wanted-wolf microk8s.daemon-cluster-agent[1598267]: Waiting for access to cluster. [2021-04-11 14:04:43,340] E

Online resources that will help you prepare for taking the CNCF CKA 2020 "Kubernetes Certified Administrator" Certification exam. with time, This is not likely the comprehensive up to date list - please make a pull request if there something that should be added here.

  • Updated Apr 26, 2021

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