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Before there were graphical user interfaces, command-line interfaces were used to issue commands to a computer. Programs that handle the user interface are called command language interpreters, often known as a shell. A CLI may give a user more control over the computer and programs they wish to execute.

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eagleoflqj commented Nov 6, 2020

On my rpi4 (Linux liumeo-rpi4 5.4.79-v7l+ #1373 SMP Mon Nov 23 13:27:40 GMT 2020 armv7l GNU/Linux), all test errors fixed now.

[email protected]:~/github/radare2/test $ r2 -v
radare2 4.6.0-git 25454 @ linux-arm-32 git.
commit: 8c742b28f089385cd76fd6b7a35cb658eb911237 build: 2020-12-20__14:25:02
[email protected]:~/github/radare2/test $ r2r -L
Skipping db/archos/linux-x64 because it does not ma
lepinkainen commented Jun 21, 2020

I have two setups, in one the -parallel option works just fine in vscode - it generates parallel test cases as it should. In the other it doesn't do anything (not reporting errors in custom flags is a problem in the vscode go plugin, which is not the issue here).

Both were installed with go get -u when in the $HOME directory within 15 minutes of each other.


Picocli is a modern framework for building powerful, user-friendly, GraalVM-enabled command line apps with ease. It supports colors, autocompletion, subcommands, and more. In 1 source file so apps can include as source & avoid adding a dependency. Written in Java, usable from Groovy, Kotlin, Scala, etc.

  • Updated May 12, 2021
  • Java

Created by Glenda Schroeder

Released 1965